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to start your italian experience, we offer you............ 

pizza marinara £5.50
this pizza can be traced back to the 1730’s when it was originally served to the sailors coming ashore at the port of naples. made with tomato, oregano and garlic  
olives and fresh bread (v, vg) £3.95
garlic bread (v - can be vegan - ask your waiter) £2.95
garlic bread with cheese (v) £3.50
sottolio (v, vg) - a selection of olives, sunblushed tomatoes, giardiniera and artichoke £4.50
oil and balsamic with fresh bread (v, vg) £1.95
focaccia con sale marino e rosmarino (v, vg) - focaccia bread served with sea salt and rosemary £4.50
followed by......  
zuppa (v) £5.50
home-made soup, served with bread  
caprese (v) £7.95
buffalo mozzarella with sliced tomato served with rocket  
bruschetta al pomodoro (v, vg)   
toasted bread with tomato concasse, basil and rocket  
antipasto misto    £6.95
a selection of thin-sliced, cured meat served with cheese and mixed pickles  
caprino fritto con confettura di mele  (v) £6.95
deep-fried breaded goat’s cheese served with rocket and confit apples  
gamberoni al peperoncino 
pan-fried king prawns cooked with chilli, garlic, white wine and tomato sauce  
calamari fritti £7.95
deep-fried calamari served with garnish and tartar sauce  
funghi all' aglio  (v) £6.95
mushrooms sautéed with garlic, white wine, black pepper and a magic touch of cream  
crocchette di granchio  NEW £6.95
croquettes of crab deep fried and served with a spicy salsa and salad garnish  


the fun starts here!

listed below are different pasta shapes and sauces. you simply combine the pasta shape with your favourite sauce.  we do the rest....

(please note that for tables of 6 or more we can only prepare one type of pasta for each sauce)


penne                   -               tubes  
spaghetti               -              grows on trees!!  
linguine                 -              hammered spaghetti  
tagliatelle              -              fine ribbons  
arrabbiata (v,vg) £7.95
spicy tomato sauce  
carbonara £8.95
smoked pancetta, egg yolk and cream  
bolognese £8.95
minced beef cooked with red wine and tomato sauce*  
mare £10.95
calamari strips, prawns, mussels, with a white wine and tomato sauce and a touch of chilli  
salsiccia e funghi  £10.50
mushrooms, italian sausage, red onions and white wine  
bottarga di muggine  NEW £10.50
pan fried fresh mackerel chunks with garlic, a little tomato sauce and finished with fresh bottarga  
pollo £13.95
any chicken dish from our 'secondi' menu served with a pasta of your choice  
crema di ceci con lenticchie (v, vg) £8.95
cream of chickpeas and lentils  
*please note that we prepare and mince all our own beef  
vegetarian choice - if you have a favourite sauce then we would be pleased to make it if we have the ingredients available. please ask a member of our staff  
gluten free pasta is also available. please ask a member of our staff  
starter - any pasta dish may be ordered as a starter for just £6.95


i pesci  
spigola con gamberetti £18.95
oven-baked fillet of sea bass cooked with prawns and mussels in a lobster sauce  
wine suggestion: gavi  
merluzzo al forno gratinato   NEW £18.95
oven-baked cod loin topped with crusty herbs finished with a white wine tomato concassé   
 spigola alla griglia £18.95
 chargrilled seabass  
 gamberoni grandi £17.95
 king prawns cooked with chilli, garlic, white wine and tomato sauce  
all the above served with vegetables and potatoes  
le carni  
bistecca con funghi selvatici  £20.95
chargrilled sirloin steak cooked with mushrooms, white wine and cream  
filetto rossini £21.95
prime beef fillet cooked in a sauce of demi-glace and marsala wine and served with paté  
wine suggestion: valpolicella ripasso   
brasato al vino rosso £18.95
braised, slow-cooked blade of beef with a traditional green peppercorn sauce  
filetto di maiale  NEW £14.95
pan-fried pork fillet cooked with garlic, white wone, tomato and a touch of gravy  
filetto al taglio £19.95
a fan of fillet or sirloin steak served with a dressing of olive oil, rocket and parmesan flakes  
all the above served with vegetables and potato  
pollo funghi £13.95
grilled chicken breast cooked with sauté mushrooms in a reduction of white wine and finished ina cream sauce  
wine suggestion: bardolino rosé  
pollo alla parmigiana  NEW £14.95
grilled chicken breast, oven baked with layers of aubergine, tomato and parmesan cheese  
pollo piccante £13.95
grilled chicken breast cooked with spicy tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes and oregano  
pollo alla griglia £13.95
chargrilled chicken breast with salad garnish and a lemon wedge  
all of the above served with vegetables and potato

chef's choice 

insalatona (each) NEW £9.95
mixed leaves, tomato and olives with:  
- chargrilled chicken strips  
- tuna in olive oil  
mozzarella (v)  
- sliced mozzarella cheese  
gnocchi sorrentina (v)   £9.95
oven-baked potato gnocchi served with a tomato sauce, garlic, topped with mozzarella  
ravioli ricotta e spinaci (v) £10.95
ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach, in a tomato sauce and finished with parmesan shavings  
ravioli all' astice
ravioli filled with lobster meat and served in a light tomato and cream sauce  
risotto zucchini e gamberetti NEW (may be ordered as v, vg) £9.95
vialone nano rice cooked with prawns, a touch of tomato sauce, chillies, courgettes and lobster sauce  
lasagne al forno £9.95
home made beef lasagne *  
* please note that we prepare and mince all our own beef


verdure del giorno    £3.25
fresh seasonal vegetables with potatoes                 
insalata mista £3.25
mixed fresh salad leaves  
insalata di pomodori e cipolle £3.25
fresh tomato and onion salad with thyme  
patatine fritte £3.25
insalata rucola e parmigiano £3.25
fresh wild rocket salad and parmesan shavings                                                 
patate saltate £3.25
sauté potatoes                                                                                                                   


      available monday to saturday  - evenings only  
margherita (v) £8.95
can be traced back to 1750 in naples. the first margherita pizza was made for margherita di savoia (a princess) in 1899 in the colours of the italian flag with tomatoes (red), mozzarella (white) and basil (green)  
vegetariana (v) (can be vegan) £10.95
tomato, mozzarella, onions, mushrooms, peppers, courgette and aubergine  
alla diavola £9.50
tomato, mozzarella and spiced pepperoni  
crudo rucola e parmigiano £10.95
tomato, mozzarella, parma ham, rocket and parmesan  
quattro stagioni £9.95
tomato, mozzarella, artichoke, olive, ham and mushroom  
funghi e prosciutto £9.95
tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms and ham  
tonno £9.95
tomato, mozzarella, tuna, capers, olives and anchovies  
VIVO £11.95
tomato, mozzarella, spiced pepperoni, italian sausage and ham  
capricciosa  £9.95
tomato, mozzarella, olives, ham and mushrooms  
gluten-free pizza bases are available. please ask a member of our staff  
extra toppings – just choose your own! for just £2.50 why not try an extra topping of buffalo mozzarella - it's so much creamier!  
if we have the ingredients we will create it for you - just ask - £1.00 per topping
gluten-free pizza bases are now available


il nostro tiramisù £5.95
our 'pick me up' - with amaretto liqueur  
torta al limone   £5.95
lemon cheesecake  
crème brulée
traditional vanilla crème brûlée  
profiteroles al cioccolato bianco
profiteroles with a white chocolate sauce  
vanilla al s. marzano £5.95
vanilla ice cream with italian s.marzano or strega liqueur  
torta al cioccolato £5.95
chocolate cake  
gelati e sorbetti £5.95
mixed ice-cream or sorbets, please ask for our selection of flavours  
affogato al caffé £4.95
vanilla ice cream with espresso coffee  
formaggi misti £6.95
mix of italian cheeses with mustard fruit served with home-made bread            


menu bambini

pizza margherita   
(basil, mozzarella and tomato)  
penne with tomato or bolognese sauce and parmesan cheese  
a soft drink  
(squash, juice, milk or milkshake)  
a scoop of our delicious ice cream              £7.00